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For some bizarre reason, upon God Tiering, players suddenly have nail polish that never, ever comes off, and if they try to paint over it with a different colour, it doesn’t work. The nail polish is their text colour, unless it’s the same as their nails would be without polish, in which case it’s their aspect colour, unless those two are the same, in which case it’s a different personal colour, unless that doesn’t work either, in which case it’s just white or black.

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Horrus liked to build model trains and cars before his session started. He only kept on of them which was a train he built with Meulin

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Since Cancer is a water sign Karkat secretly loves fish puns and only Feferi knows.

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Dave actually gets really emotional when people give him gifts that mean a lot or remember events that are important to him. It’s one of the only things that can make him “lose his cool”.

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how man headcannons do you currently have?

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do you except headcannons via ask box?

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do u accept headcanons like "___ is trans" or "___'s sexuality is ____" or would that lean more towards homestucksexcanons?

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We do accept those, technically, but they’re not really fluffy, so we’d prefer if you did something more with that and then sent it in!


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The sprites at one point decided to sit down and watch Madoka Magica (human ver, courtesy of Arquius). The event consisted primarily of romspeccing the characters in quadrants other than redrom, a slew of anime memes, occasional snack-related shenanigans courtesy of Nanna Egbert (usually absent at any other time, to “give these youngsters space”), and Davesprite relating to Homura on a spiritual level for reasons that are probably apparent to anyone else reading this who has watched the series.

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John absolutely loves the song “make em’ laugh” from singing in the rain. He will preform it for anyone who is down and sometimes for himself too.

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Feferi and Aradia were matesprits for a short while on Alternia before she got with Sollux, but when the public found out about the heiress’s relationship with a low blood, they were forced to break up. After Aradiabot exploded, Sollux and Feferi talked vented with each other so much because the could relate to missing her. She didn’t seem as upset because she’s use to hiding her feelings under her bubbly personality.

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Roxy and Dirk played Mariokart together online all the time before the game. Dirk never beat Roxy even once.

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Despite having a large interest in baking, Jane is actually the thinnest of her friends and often asks if someone would like some of her cake, Roxy is the first person to have some and has tried to replace her drinking habit with Jane’s cake. Jane wonders if she should stop so much baking since she noticed everyone has been getting a tummy lately. (No one tells her to stop because they love her cake far too much)

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Mod applications closed!

Thank you all so much for your submissions- the people who have been selected have been contacted. 

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Dualscar had a really thick Scottish accent, to the point where it was slightly funny to hear him speak.

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Jane has the BIGGEST crush on BBC’s Sherlock Holmes and one time she went to a convention and met him. She has his autograph framed on her dresser.

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