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Because of the difference in body temperature, lowbloods and highbloods enjoy cuddling together. The lowblood can keep the highblood cool, whereas the highblood can keep the lowblood warm. Moirails of contrasting castes find this very functional.

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Nepeta has a good singing voice. And whenever Equius has trouble sleeping, or is frustrated she will sing to him

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Eridan can sing but is too scared to admit it and only Karkat knows this

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Nepeta and Karkat will get together every once in a while to discuss their ships. This often leads to shipping wars.

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John is a terrible dancer. He quite happily dances anyway.

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For landwellers, the higher on the hemospectrum, the bigger/taller the troll. This being said, Gamzee was one of the tallest trolls. He used his large size to encase the others with his limbs in a big hug if they were sad/angry, and it never failed to calm them down.

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When Porrim is upset, Kankri will actually hug her and whisper comforting things to her.

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Whenever Gamzee has a nightmare, Tavros would hatch a horsoroni that would blow raspberries in his stomach. It always works.”

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When Equius and Nepeta were younger they used to do silly activities. Nepeta would take pictures of Equius and secretly send them to Aradia cause she knew he liked her.

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In the timelines where he and Nepeta become matesprites, Karkat wears an oversized olive sweater instead of his normal one.

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Roxy and AR don’t actually talk about anything inappropriate. AR doesn’t let Dirk see the logs because he’s embarrassed about them; most of his and Roxy’s conversations are often really emotional or personal, and Roxy asked him not to let Dirk see.

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Whenever someone complains about their hair getting long on the meteor, Kanaya suddenly appears before them with a roaring chainsaw, and proceeds to chase them until she gets their hair cut.

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Terezi became a much better artist after she regained her sight, but she intentionally drew even worse so Dave didn’t suspect anything.

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Lipstick can play an important role in troll society. While most troll girls wear black lipstick, there are lipsticks available in many colors. Wearing your own blood color symbolizes pride. Wearing your matesprit’s or flushed crush’s blood color symbolizes love or strong feelings. Wearing your moirail’s blood color represents loyalty, bonded together through thick and thin no matter what.

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