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Inside the mind of an Alpha kid’s sprite, the two prototyped trolls’ subconsciouses argue about what the sprite says or does. This is why Erisolsprite mostly talks about his own self-loathing, as that is the only thing Eridan and Sollux can agree on.

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After Fefetasprite ‘Fefetasploded’, Nepeta swore she would nefur eat fish again!

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Kankri, being autistic, would be often overstimulated by his surroundings. However, it wasn’t long after she met him that Porrim caught on to the problem. As a gift, she made his signature red sweater for him as a big, fluffy escape from the stresses of the world and he’s worn it ever since.

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Karkat has cute little kitten sneezes

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As heart players, Nepeta and Dirk hit it off right away. Dirk thought it was cool Nepeta was a Rogue, and Nepeta loved having a Prince around. He’d strife with her on weekends, and it often devolved to play wrestling. Jane and Roxy made fun of Dirk for it, so he played cool, but honestly he loved playing with Nepeta.

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Throughout the dream bubbles the most successful couple would be a doomed Kankri and Damara where Kankri had comforted Damara about her situation with Rufioh

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Karkat discovered some human romantic comedy called Honey. He tried to convince Sollux to watch it with him, but he turned him down. However, when presented with the sequel called Honey 2, Sollux couldn’t resist.

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Dirk has braces and likes to make ridiculous faces when he takes selfies. Jake pretends to be not amused but he occasionally sends back even more silly faces to Dirk. Jake likes how weird the metal looks and often mentions it when they hang out.

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Trolls have never seen bubbles that weren’t underwater. The kids didn’t know this until Rose was messing around with the alchemiter and made bubble solution. She gave it to Dave so he could use it for Ironic purposes (playing with the mayor) but the trolls found out about them and were mesmerized. Ever since then, Dave begs Rose to make bubbles for him.

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Sometimes,Dave likes to fly away to a place with cats just to cuddle them.

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Every month, every Dave from every timeline meet up in a doomed Dave’s room to wish him luck and say goodbye by busting rhymes and drinking apple juice.

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After the game ended Dirk was setting up fireworks to show the trolls what a firecracker is, and one went off in his face causing temporary blindness, Jake led him around endlessly for the entire two months he was without sight, the only problem Dirk found in this was he couldn’t build his robots and Jake couldn’t identify the parts.

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Yes, the rumors are true, Homestuck is coming back!

Homestuck will begin updating again next month- you can look on the MSPA news section for more! (Just go to MSPA and scroll down)

We look forward to seeing where this weird and wonderful story takes us next!

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Dave learned how to play violin ironically many years ago, and is very good at it.

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When Gamzee laughs to hard, instead of snorting he honks.

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