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Breath players tend to be very shy, innocent, and love to cuddle. They always feel bad for their significant others because they tend to want to cuddle more then to have sex.

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Sollux once took Eridan to the pool only to find out, despite being able to breathe underwater, he can’t actually swim. The only way to get him in the pool was with an inner tube and Sollux constantly nearby with extra pool noodles.

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Roxy decided to take Jane on a romantic dinner which ended up being to Wendy’s for chicken nuggets.

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Rose frequently falls asleep at her desk or on the couch, or anywhere she might be able to hold a book or her laptop. When Kanaya finds her, she wraps the both of them in blankets and snuggles close, making wherever that is their bed for the night.

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The psiioniic loved nothing more than to purposely set off alarms, cause a scene, flip the ship over, and do just about anything to bug the Condesce. He just craved the attention from her.

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Jade’s glasses are huge and thick because her eyesight is terrible, so if she lost them she’d be practically blind. Having an omnipotent dog and a bunch of thoughtful friends prevents this most of the time, however.

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"Jade used to have problems with insomnia, so she’d have Dave sing to her every night via Skype calls. She hasn’t had a single problem sleeping ever since."

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"When Terezi would sneak off to be with Gamzee on the meteor, they would sometimes slow-dance late at night, whispering black romantic things in each other’s ears."

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Not a fluff or anything, just want to drop in and say that i read through the entire blog in one go and now i have to rest somewhere. So many posts. (There are currently 186 pages, just so you know)

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I think you deserve an award for that. I’m impressed!



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"Cronus is secretly heartbroken from how the other pre-scratch trolls treat him. He doesn’t quite understand that his actions make others uncomfortable. He really doesn’t understand why the post-scratch trolls adore him yet his own peers cannot seem to stand his presence. Kankri has actually caught Cronus crying by small rivers and lakes and often lectures him about it, so Cronus forgets why he was crying."

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"Cronus loves the movie “Cry-Baby” and secretly imagines himself as Cry-Baby and Kankri as Alison."

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"Bro is actually very accepting and won’t judge Dave or Dirk for their choices in life. As long as they don’t hurt themselves in the process, he’s all for it."

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"Trolls, like humans, can get freckles. Tavros has cute little ones on his nose and upper cheeks. Vriska thinks are adorable, but will never admit it."

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Jane and Eridan will often talk about being alone, and it usually results in either feelings jams or cuddle sessions, which has lead to the best moiraillegience/matespritship ever seen in existance.

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Karkat really likes freckles. REALLY likes freckles. If he sees a troll or human with them he has to resist the urge to poke them.

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