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Karkat is flished for Nepeta, but won’t confess to anyone because he is afraid of what Equius might think.”


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Since Latula can’t smell anything, nor can she taste much, so when Meenah cooks for her, she always makes sure to include plenty of texture variety.”


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Rose didn’t always talk so elaborately. In an effort to go against her Mom, who uses slang and is much more careless with her speech, Rose purposely read the dictionary over and over again to appear to be more intellectual.”

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Gamzee calls his lovers cutie pie.”

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Kankri loves learning about other cultures and he uses this as an excuse to cosplay with Damara. They usually dress up and act out scenes from anime’s.


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The dancestors sometimes dress up as their Alternian counterparts and act out how they lived. Due to pity, Meenah will sometimes let Kankri win his “revolution”

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When Eridan and Feferi were younger, Eridan would have frequent nightmares. Feferi, who has the voice of an angel, would sing him lullabies to help him sleep.

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Meulin learned to lip read by watching Kankri’s sermons.

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Rose and Dave would always remember a troll’s interest so they could find human things they’d like. All the trolls appreciate it.

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Whenever Nepeta entertains guests at a meal, she tries to act as ladylike as possible. Though usually, it ends with one or more of her friends trying to throw food straight into her mouth. Vriska and Karkat have the most fun with this.

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Since Terezi’s eyes are burned, she doesn’t have to blink. She can stare with her eyes open for hours on end. She’s done this the most with Dave and Karkat. Dave loves her eyes, but Karkat finds them creepy.

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Very similarly to the way Equius says “fiddlesticks”, Jake says “fishsticks”. One time both of them were getting teased by Nepeta and Dirk at the same time and without thinking, they said it both at the same time. In short, Nepeta has a new ship on her wall now.

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Sometimes Nepeta likes to turn down the AC so it’s really cold so she can get cuddles from the other trolls or humans (mostly with Karkat and Jade)

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"Kankri owns a plushie of his ancestor, who used to serve as his custodian. He clings to it when he has had a particulary bad day, and it never fails to soothe him."

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When karkat is upset or angry terezi will put on his favorite romcom and cuddle him until he calms down

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