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"Cronus is secretly heartbroken from how the other pre-scratch trolls treat him. He doesn’t quite understand that his actions make others uncomfortable. He really doesn’t understand why the post-scratch trolls adore him yet his own peers cannot seem to stand his presence. Kankri has actually caught Cronus crying by small rivers and lakes and often lectures him about it, so Cronus forgets why he was crying."

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"Cronus loves the movie “Cry-Baby” and secretly imagines himself as Cry-Baby and Kankri as Alison."

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"Bro is actually very accepting and won’t judge Dave or Dirk for their choices in life. As long as they don’t hurt themselves in the process, he’s all for it."

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"Trolls, like humans, can get freckles. Tavros has cute little ones on his nose and upper cheeks. Vriska thinks are adorable, but will never admit it."

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Jane and Eridan will often talk about being alone, and it usually results in either feelings jams or cuddle sessions, which has lead to the best moiraillegience/matespritship ever seen in existance.

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Karkat really likes freckles. REALLY likes freckles. If he sees a troll or human with them he has to resist the urge to poke them.

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Sollux loves to hold hands. He tries to do it as much as possible with his moirail and matesprit, though he never admits how much it means to him, or how it makes his vascular pump go wild with pity and love.

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The kid who talks to the alpha trolls the most is Rose. She always talks to them about certain things they had on earth, like sock puppets or halloween, that they didn’t have on Beforus, apparently. So, whenever any of the alpha trolls are bored, they’ll go up to Rose and ask her about earth. Rose has grown quite fond of them all.

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John is terrified of bugs.

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When Vriska and Kanaya were both 5 sweeps old they became each other’s first kiss. It didn’t mean much to Vriska at the time but that was when Kanaya first realized she had feelings for Vriska.

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"It is not uncommon to see Eridan and Terezi walking around with the other’s cape on."

Art by candyculler

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Roxy is considerably smaller than the rest of the alphas. Fortunately, this means she can make Dirk give her piggyback rides quite often.

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After Terezi learned to use her sense of smell to see, she had trouble identifying and describing certain colors. Feferi gave her a bunch of rare and expensive candies to see if it would help, which is how she got to try cotton candy (a delicacy on Alternia).

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Meulin, Dirk, and Nepeta call themselves the Super Shippers and prance around trying to hook people up on blind dates.

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Eridan’s accent gets stronger when he shouts, to the point where it’s almost impossible to make out what he’s saying.

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