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fluff canons are just like.. cute headcanons?

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Pretty much!


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Nepeta and Sollux once had a blackrom during which Nepeta would sleep on his keyboard, play with his computer wires, and yowl outside his window when he tried to sleep, and he would use his eye beams like a laser pointer.

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When he was young, Dave was a Cub Scout. He at first did this because he wanted to but later it became for irony. He even got Bro to become the Den Leader though this of course ends badly and with fire and puppets on Dave’s last day as a Cub Scout. But that aside, Dave likes to tell all his friends his crazy adventures as a Cub Scout like shooting a firework off of the hay ride and setting the barracks at the winter camp out on fire. No one believes him though. Dave doesn’t understand why.

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The Signless made the Condesce a cupcake before his execution. She took it, and said that she was going to throw the miserable looking thing out. She ate it in private, and hates to admit that it was one of the tastiest gifts anyone had baked for her.

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Male trolls customarily adopt part of the quirk of the troll they’re courting. John does this on instinct with Vriska.

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Trolls use the snap bracelets that curl up when smacked against wrists on their horns for fun and as a prank. Gamzee enjoys it when Tavros does this to him and leads up to Gamzee kissing Tavros continuously.

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Sometimes Terezi and Eridan like to larp togethor. Terezi may get out of hand on her part but Eridan just plays along because he thinks its the cutest thing in the world.

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Cronus quit magic once he realized that it would never bring Meenah back from the pink moon. Even though she rejected him, he was beyond happy to see her return.

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Dave will NEVER admit it, but he loves cuddles; especially from John.

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So do we have to submit a fluffcanon on an image?

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No, text submissions are perfectly fine.

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